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Partnerships with Events

We collaborate with event organizers to participate in a variety of events, including startup pitches, networking sessions, and educational workshops. Partnering with us can enhance the visibility of your events, attract a diverse audience, and create meaningful connections within the startup community. By associating with Northeast Angels Network, your events can gain a wider reach, tapping into our extensive network of startups, investors, and industry professionals. Our partnership can also provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, we can create events that inspire, educate, and connect the startup community in the Northeast India region.

Partnerships with Corporates

We work closely with Corporates to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Our corporate partners can gain access to innovative startups, explore collaboration opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem. By partnering with Northeast Angels Network, Corporates can tap into the fresh ideas, drive innovation within their organizations, and stay ahead of the curve. Our startups offer potential solutions to the current industry challenges, opening avenues for strategic partnerships and investments. These partnerships can lead to increased brand visibility and improved corporate image. Together, we can shape the future of industry in the Northeast India region.

Partnerships with Government

We collaborate with various Government agencies to advocate for the policies that support startups and investors of the ecosystem. Our government partners play a crucial role in creating a favorable business environment and providing resources for the startup community. By partnering with Northeast Angels Network, agencies can gain insights into the startup ecosystem, enabling them to formulate effective policies and initiatives for a better startup ecosystem in the region. Let’s join hands to foster a vibrant and innovative startup ecosystem and work together to create a conducive environment for startups, driving job creation and economic growth in the Northeast India region.